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Bartlett Museum

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Located in an 1870s-era school house at 270 Main Street in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Bartlett Museum is named after Josiah Bartlett, a local resident and signer of the Declaration of Independence. The museum preserves the maritime and social history of Amesbury, dating from prehistoric days to the settlement and beyond.Native American collectibles including the relics of local tribes form the prime attraction in the museum. The Natural History room and the Local History room are other important sections in the museum.A large collection of preserved birds, as well as fossils, minerals, and shells can be found in the Natural History section. Among the special exhibits is "Amesbury's Shipbuilding and Seafaring Legacy: 1639-1900."The museum is open seasonally, and entry is free. Further, the Salisbury Point Railroad Historical Society, a non-profit organization, is located at the museum.

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