Best Christian Bibles for Teens in 2019

Best Christian Bibles for Teens in 2019

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Looking for a bible that speaks to your needs as a Christian teen? There are so many great bibles available making it difficult to choose one. Here are five popular Bibles to think about:

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Student’s Life Application Bible: New Living Translation

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With notes and features to apply the Word to everyday life, this Bible can be used both in church and regular bible study. There are dilemma notes describing real life situations and consequences. Other notes include “I Wonder,” “Here's What I Did” and “Ultimate Issues.” Plus there are profile maps, charts, diagrams, timelines, and memory verses.

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Extreme Teen Bible: Revised and Updated

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This New King James Version Bible is not just filled with scripture, but also challenges to live up to a Christian standard. There are profiles of biblical characters and a quick reference index. Also, there are sidebars filled with challenging questions and explanations of biblical principles. Plus, there are 40 pages of profiles describing young people of the bible who changes their world.

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Teen Study Bible (New International Version)

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This is a portable edition of the Teen Study Bible. Written for teens between 12 and 15, this edition has question and answer sections, areas that discuss controversial issues, Bible trivia and more. There are also memory verses highlighted and book introductions.

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NIV Youthwalk Devotional Bible

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This Bible is a combination devotional/Bible. There are all the books of the bible, but they are supplemented by devotions that help teens answer over 250 questions ranging from having a boring youth group to finding out a friend is gay. Each devotion has teens looking up verses, thinking through situations, taking a practical action, and going to a verse in the Bible that clarifies the answer.

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The Catholic Youth Bible: New Revised Standard Version: Catholic Edition

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A majority of Bibles you find online and in Christian bookstores are for Protestant denominations. This Bible, though, specifically speaks to Catholic youth. It interprets scripture from a Catholic perspective and also makes connections to the cultural roots of Catholic beliefs.